There Is No Humanitarian Solution In The Border Crisis

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THERE IS NO HUMANITARIAN SOLUTION IN THE BORDER CRISIS A comment was posted on this wall in 2016 entitled: "The Extravagant Donald Trump" that contains the following fragment: "The main cause of emigration to the US is due to poverty, which is largely due to the volume of products that this The country sells abroad, in an unequal exchange, with an abusive financial system, and also due to the corruption of the buyers themselves, which impede the development of those countries. But even though the United States is the main cause, it cannot absorb this poverty in its territory and it has no choice but to hermetically control its borders. " Profits have neither soul nor heart. Humanism, solidarity, compassion and all human values that must be taught from childhood ONLY appear in false speeches by politicians and in specific scenes in the media, always in collusion with governments. The solution to emigration from Latin America is the industrialization of the region by investors from developed countries, the elimination of foreign debt and of the corruption, and the achievement of a correspondence between development and birth rates. But this will NEVER happen, because that industrialization would make that market lose, which means a decrease in PROFITS, whose promoters, the managers of large companies, would not allow. All of the above says that the crisis on the southern border is going to increase, but this will always let many (regardless of US citizens) of them pass through by internal oligarchs, supported by small service traders, all out of ambition, in need of an cheap undocumented workforce, and also they have influence on the border power.

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