The So Colled Sale Management

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THE SO-CALLE “SALE MANAGEMENT" The government is supposed to protect us from malevolence. The so-called “Sales Management” has mostly been turned into a scam. Laws are needed to prohibit, sanction and prevent the propaganda of products, which scientists can prove to be a scam; and of the natural products of the foods, that the scammers encapsulate them and make an immense propaganda to sell them, as it happens with the collagen, that normally is ingested in broth of bones, or of animal feet or of meats. The money spent on research, very good for knowledge, but fruitless in the long run, is needed to use that money to investigate the hypotheses of scientists about the effects on the body of exercise machines, such as vibratory machines, that do not require efforts; as well as many advertisements of the weight loss products. Laws are needed to restore the consideration and respect to the good customers as in the 1950s; But not like now, that the longer a customer has been acquiring a service, the more expensive it is; the cheap sales are for the new customers. The sacred "Sales Management!" A ban on sales of food additives or those with clinical effects that have not been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is needed.

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