Migration, Obama Y J11

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Migration, Obama and J11 Cubans are scattered all over the world. Most of them are possibly the most reckless, who believed it impossible to defeat the tyranny, but who, if they had been forced to stay, it is very likely that they would have defeated it. One of the favorite places has been the United States due to the facilities granted by the Cuban Adjustment Law: upon reaching land or at any of the borders they could apply for residence. Then, to reduce the migratory flow to the United States, Bill Clinton decreed: "dry feet, wet feet", which allowed the deportation of all those who were intercepted in jurisdictional waters; only those who reached land ("dry feet") and those who reached the borders could benefit from the Adjustment Law. The propaganda of the Cuban regime in the world, to try to hide one of its great crimes, was to blame the United States for the enormous number of deaths of rafters, which have occurred trying to escape the bloody regime. The criminal leadership continued with the same litany, blaming this government for those deaths in the Straits, perhaps thinking that the government of Barak Obama would not change anything. All that was, when the two governments were in negotiations. It seems as if Obama had thought: "you will see what will happen to you if we close the entrance of Cubans." Obama removed the Bill Clinton's decree. Five years later, the massive J11 protests took place.

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