Horror To The Old Age

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HORROR TO THE OLD AGE Despite the morbidities that appear with age and the change in selectivity for the possibility to having sex, each stage of life has its way of being enjoyed. But the learning we have received does not contribute to it. The children one sees them with great affection; as if we want to "eat them". The same is felt in adolescence for the partner we would like to have. It also happens in youth, when we fall in love. Already in maturity we seek to enjoy with those we love. We do not know where it came from, but the old feel that even body contact is not welcome; only the grandchildren do not make us feel discriminated, which says that the possible rejection is not natural, it came with the teaching. Old age does not exist in wild life, the struggle for life is enjoyment and one acts according to impulses. But in social life we begin to feel that we are a hindrance, and then we fight to be caciques or witches or members of the council of the tribe. And if we are among the Eskimos it is worse, we have to resign ourselves, go for a walk until to sweat to freeze ourselves. In modern life, the poor cling to the eternal affection of relatives, something that should not be expected; We try to be needed by our experience, that nobody cares; We get addicted to the game, to make money and let them know that we are still worth , but as we play on the side of the losers, we become even more dependent and therefore in a worse position, the humiliating one. The United States is one of the few countries where the poor over 65 can live with dignity, without feeling that one is an unwanted burden on family and friends; where you can have all kinds of non-luxurious comforts, healthy eating according to the individual palate and enjoy the technological benefits. But the worst thing about old age is for those of us who cannot forgive ourselves. The most we remember is precisely what bothers us the most: even the inappropriate phrases in each day of our life, due to our ignorance, including what would be forgivable to the childhood and adolescence, and even more so of the stupidities of adulthood. Luckily, the infinite humorous wit of the people still makes us laugh out loud.

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